Robert Ngidlo Secretary Teacher for the Silviculture, Agency out of Forestry, Ifugao State University out-of Farming and you may Forestry, Nayon, Lamut, Ifugao, Philippines

Robert Ngidlo Secretary Teacher for the Silviculture, Agency out of Forestry, Ifugao State University out-of Farming and you may Forestry, Nayon, Lamut, Ifugao, Philippines

Simple fact is that number one source of fuelwood, down dating build product, food and medicines

Moises Butic Administrator Responsible for the brand new Ifugao Provincial Environment and Absolute Tips Work environment (PENRO) – Ifugao, Company regarding Environment and Pure Info Bannit, Payawan, Philippines

Brand new inhabitants of Ifugao, regarding Philippines, are suffering from a unique life, reflected in how they build and tend woods. This specific system regarding tending forest has been regarded in the latest books because the “muyong system,” created about regional dialect definition tree or woodlot. The new muyong system might have been recognized international given that a great forest management approach which is profoundly instilled about society of your own Ifugao anybody.

This new muyong system can be looked at away from other viewpoints, possibly because a tree conservation approach, a beneficial watershed treatment method, an agriculture program otherwise a helped absolute regeneration (ANR) method. Due to the fact program can be viewed away from some other viewpoints, the latest part from culture on the innovation and you can went on maintenance of the machine are pervasive. Ifugao people and you can laws revolve as much as its real environment, shown inside customs and you can taboos prescribing the procedure and employ out of environment and absolute resources.

Which papers documents and you can gift suggestions the newest Ifugao muyong system just like the an enthusiastic ANR means when you look at the context away from traditional forest administration. It is having eg merging away from local architecture with discovered forestry interventions that tall improvements can be made in developing practical ANR solutions.

Muyong try generally handed down qualities and therefore are personally owned, even when people do not features label deeds. Control is simply laid out from the genetics hence mode away from possession import is highly acknowledged and you may acquiesced by every person during the cultural vein. The brand new muyong plays an important role for the tribal cost savings.

Dacawi (1982) reported that an average muyong contains a couple of hundred square yards so you can from the 5 hectares. Klock and you can Tindungan (1995), additionally, found that in the Mt. Amuyao (the following higher level within the Ifugao) the high quality muyong woodlot varied of 0.6 so you can dos.4 hectares.

New muyong is actually an excellent storehouse off both nature (Ngidlo, 1998). A recent study presented of the Rondolo (2001) unearthed that the fresh muyong consisted of 264 kinds, mainly indigenous, belonging to 71 bush household. Euphorbiacea is actually the most dominating nearest and dearest with Moracea, Meliacea , Leguminosae, Poacea, Anacardiacea and you may Rubiacea respectively. Just how many species for each and every woodlot ranged out-of 13 to help you 47 variety, primarily general in the region. From the 264 varieties, 234 have been sensed of use and the other people (mainly grasses) was indeed claimed to have no understood fool around with.

The fresh Ifugao agro-environmental areas add five trick components, namely: mini forest ( muyong or pinugo ), swidden industries ( habal ), terraced paddies ( payo ), payment districts ( boble ) and braided riverbeds ( wangwang ). Total, Ifugao agroecological areas represent a hilly sort of or a beneficial watershed design manufacturing program.

Yet not readily noticeable into the informal observer, a complex web out-of relationship is present amongst the person and you may low-hr of your own program, and this go on to a higher sphere on spirit globe (Ngidlo, 1998)

This new subsistence savings from inside the Ifugao revolves around the creation of grain inside terraced paddies (Klock and you can Tindungan, 1995). Cultivation out-of grain paddies is extremely determined by h2o. The brand new muyong are a major element of the production system helping because first recharge region. As recharge region, it provides drinking water and you will balances to another areas of new production system. Water-flowing out of the muyong, found at top of the fringe, decides the general real soundness out-of patio cultivation while the position of entire watershed tool. Traditionally, the fresh Ifugaos promote utmost importance to your right management of muyong info. This might be when you look at the detection of their high character on the long-identity durability of the grain-oriented terrace cultivation system.